On September 8th, the 2018 Mid Atlantic Champions will be crowned at the second annual MAW Championship Tournament. This year the Championship Tournament field expands to six (6) teams and there are now several ways for teams to secure a spot in the tournament. Teams can earn a spot in the Championship Tournament via the brand new Automatic Birth system by placing in a certain number of regular season tournaments. Also for the first time ever, an MAW regular season tournament – the Canonsburg Classic on August 18 – will be an Auto Qualifier. As always, teams participating in regular season tournaments will earn Playoff Points based on their finish. The teams with the most Playoff Points will – if applicable – fill the remaining playoff spots.


New for 2018, a team can earn a spot in the Championship Tournament by meeting certain thresholds without having to worry about total Playoff Points earned. Any team that meets the thresholds listed below will automatically qualify for the Championship Tournament!

  • Two (2) First Place finishes in regular season tournaments
  • Three (3) Championship game appearances in regular season tournaments (first or second place)
  • Four (4) Final Four appearances in regular season tournaments (first, second, third, or fourth place)


Also new for 2018, the winner of one of the six regular season tournaments will automatically earn a spot in the Championship Tournament. The winner of the Canonsburg Classic on August 18th will punch their ticket to the Championship tournament in York, PA! This is a great opportunity for all teams – particularly those west of York – to qualify for the post-season in one fell swoop.


Just like last season, teams will earn “Playoff Points” based on their finishes in each regular season tournament. The point system has been slightly modified this season to award teams for high finishes regardless of the total number of teams entered. The standard point system for an eight (8) team tournament is shown below. Click here for additional scenarios.

Playoff Points will be used to fill out the six-team field in if there are spots remaining after the Auto Qualifying team and teams earning Automatic Births.


Seeding for the playoffs will be based on Playoff Points. The team with the most Playoff Points will receive the number one seed, the team with the next most points will be the second seed, and so on down the order. If two or more of the playoff teams have an equal number of Playoff Points, the following tiebreakers will be used to determine seeding: (1) First Place finishes; (2) Second Place finishes; (3) Final Four appearances; (4) Head-to-head record; (5) Overall winning percentage; (6) Number of tournaments entered; (7) Runs allowed; (8) Runs scored; (9) Coin flip.

If six teams or fewer qualify for the Championship Tournament via the Auto Qualifier tournament or the Automatic Birth thresholds, the Championship Tournament will be a six-team tournament. The top two seeds will receive a bye. Seeds #3 – #6 will play a mini-double elimination tournament at the start of the Championship Tournament on September 8th. The champion of the winner’s bracket will advance to face the #2 seed in a Best of 3 semi-final series and the winner of the loser’s bracket will advance to face the #1 seed in the other Best of 3 semi-finals. The winners of those two series will play in a Best of 3 series to determine the 2018 Mid Atlantic Championship. Click here for a sample of the tournament bracket.

If more than six teams automatically qualify the playoffs, the field will be expanded to eight teams. The exact tournament format will be announced at that time.

Please refer to Appendix C of the 2018 MAW Rulebook for player eligibility requirements for the Championship Tournament.