2000 North Jersey Summer Classic

2000 North Jersey Fall Classic (06/10/2000 – North Jersey)

West Orange, New Jersey - 16 Teams

  1. '78 Yankees
  2. Georgia Longshotz
  3. Shamokin Busers
  4. In the Box


  • Source: Fast Plastic Magazine (Volume 2, Issue 6)
  • Winds blowing in on all fields and extreme heat killed offense for entire tournament and led to several LONG extra-inning games (no tie breaker rules). The Hitmen conceded after 14-innings of 0-0 ball when the Hitmen's workhorse pitcher Elvin Cortez ran out of gas. In the semi-finals, the '78 Yankees beat In the Box 2-1 in 14 innings in a game that was tied 0-0 going into the 10th. 
  • Top heavy 16-team field that included veteran teams ('78 Yankees, Longshotz, In the Box, Lakeside Kings, The Busers), and some up-and-comers (Cifford Gators, Hitmen, NY State of Mind).