Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who can play?


Whether playing in the backyard or competing in a tournament, we believe that the game should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. Over the years, we have seen players as young as twelve and players as old as sixty compete  in tournaments. Whether you are an experienced pro or stepping out of the backyard for the first time, the MAW rules have been specifically tailored to accommodate players of all skill levels. If you can swing a bat and throw/catch a ball, you can play. Additionally, with a core of experienced, veteran teams we believe that experienced players will find the level of competition satisfactory as well.

Note: For liability reasons, teams without an adult (16+) might be asked to make one simple additional accommodation in order to participate. Please coordinate with the tournament director if this situation applies to your team.

Do I have to enter all the tournaments in a season or can I pick and choose?

Teams can play in as many or as few tournaments as they wish. There is not a floor or a ceiling. The more tournaments a team enters, the better the chances are of making the playoffs. Can only make the July tournament? No problem! In school in the area and only able to play in the April and September tournaments? That’s fine, too. MAW spreads its tournament schedule over the course of the spring and summer to allow all teams to find at least one tournament that fits their schedule.

What do I get for my entry fee?

The vast majority of the $100 per tournament team entry fee goes to the cash prize of that tournament and the cash prize for the playoff tournament. A nominal amount goes to essential tournament supplies such as field supplies, balls, and advertising. MAW is not profit driven and the entry fees are put right back into the game for the benefit of the players and teams.

Every team is guaranteed a minimum of three games per tournament so we promise you won’t walk away without a experiencing a healthy does of game action!

What is the level of competition?

The competition level varies on a tournament-by-tournament, team-by-team, or even player-by-player basis. We suggest looking at some of the videos on the website to gain a better understanding of what the average level of competition looks like. 

Do I need to bring anything to the tournament in order to play?

After you have paid the tournament registration fee, all you really need to bring is yourself and at least three teammates. That’s it! This sport’s accessibility is one of its greatest appeals – you don’t need very much at all to play.

Having said that, while the tournament will have balls available many players opt to bring their own balls that they are comfortable with and have already broken in. Additionally, while the tournament will have some bats onsite that can potentially be borrowed for use during a tournament we recommend teams bring at least one legal (please see the official rule book) bat of their own just to be on the safe side. In addition, bats will be available for purchase at the tournament. Lastly, while by no means a requirement teams are encouraged to wear matching uniforms whenever possible. The tournaments will be filmed and team uniforms help add to the overall presentation.

Who is behind MAW?

MAW is run by a group of life long players who have competed in and promoted fast pitch Wiffleball tournaments since the late 1990’s. MAW members ran their first tournaments as early as 1997, hosted tournaments in Maryland from 1998 – 2001 with an average of 15 teams per tournament, and have also hosted local leagues. We have traveled all over from Georgia to New York to Texas to California to play the game. We have leaned on those experiences to try to make MAW the most enjoyable tournament experience possible.

What if I do not have a team?

If you are interested in playing in a tournament but do not have a full team or even any team at all, please reach out to Tim Cooke ( as we might be able to assist in you finding additional players.