See below for 2017 playoff information. The 2018 playoff format will be announced in the near future.

The number of teams in the Playoff tournament will be based upon the number of unique teams that enter the five (5) qualifying tournaments.  The following is the amount of teams which will make the playoffs based upon amount of teams entered into the qualifying tourneys:

1. 20 Teams or Less entered: 3 teams make playoffs.  Team #1 is team with most points.  Team #2 plays Team #3 in a best of 3 (4-inning games).  Winner plays #1 team in best of five (5 inning games)

2. 21-35 teams: 4 teams advance and play best of 3 series in both semis and finals with 6 inning games.

3. 36+ teams: 6 teams advance with two round robin brackets.  The winner of each bracket meet in a Best of 3 series for the championship (6 inning games throughout).

* Seeding based upon total points accumulate during the qualifying tournaments (see "Tournament Information" for details on point system).  If two teams are tied on points at the conclusion of the regular season, the team with more wins earns the higher seed.  If still tied, winning percentage determines the higher seed. If still tied, head to head record is used to break tie. If teams are still tied after those tiebreakers, then a coin flip determines the higher seed.

** IF TEAMS ARE TIED ON POINTS TO QUALIFY FOR THE FINAL PLAYOFF SPOT - teams play head to head in a 6 inning game in order to receive the bid.  If multiple teams are tied then a round robin mini-tournament will occur to break the tie.  These tiebreakers will take place on Friday at 4 pm the day before the playoffs or early Saturday morning the day of the playoffs (TBD).