The Drop Podcast Episode #1: Connor Young, Tim Cooke

Podcast 001 Cover Art2.png

On the jam-packed debut edition of The Drop Podcast, Paul is joined by Connor “Soup” Young and Tim Cooke for an hour of fast moving and wide ranging Wiffs talk.

On this episode, we preview MAW’s Backyard Brawl tournament on 8/4, Paul gets Tim’s and Soup’s opinions on some fringe “Player of the Year” candidates, and the trio discusses and debates what it takes to be called “best player in Wiffle Ball”. In addition, we go in depth on the recent NWLA Tournament (what might a MAW NWLA team look like?), the National Wiffle Tournament (how exactly did this tournament work?), and the debut of the all-star caliber Soup’s Kitchen at a recent tournament in New Jersey (has Soup ever seen Jordan Robles as angry as he was after losing in the finals?).

00:00:30 – MAW Backyard Brawl preview
00:11:30 – Player of the Year Discussion (bubble candidates; what it takes to be considered the best player in the game; top all-time veteran pitchers)
00:36:00 – NWLA Tournament (general tournament thoughts; the challenge in throwing a clean ball; what an MAW NWLA Tournament team might look like)
00:47:30 – National Wiffle Tournament
00:56:30 – The debut of Soup’s Kitchen in Sandy Hook, NJ

Tournaments & Organizations: MAW, Palisades, Wiff is Life League, Ridley Park Wiffleball League, NWLA, National Wiffle, Sandy Hook Tournament, Fast Plastic

Teams: My Name is ERL, York Yaks, Stompers, Barrel Bruisers, Jersey Lemon Heads, The Revolution, Ridley Park Longballs, WILL Waves, GCM, Golden Sticks, Freaky Franchise

People: Tommy Loftus, Ray Lutick, Dave Wegerzn, Tim Trenary, Danny Lanigan, Lou Worthington, Ben Stant, Jake Davey, Kyle Von Schleusingen, Jordan Robles, Adam Milsted, Tim Stewart, David Wood