The Drop Podcast Episode #2: Blake Hoffman

Podcast 002 Cover Art.png

Paul (with Tim dropping in from time to time) is joined by My Name is ERL's rookie southpaw, Blake Hoffman, for an extensive interview on his brief but promising competitive Wiffle Ball career. Blake discusses how he discovered he game on YouTube and his foray into the world of "YouTube Wiffle Ball". We talk to Blake about his multiple year journey from throwing in his backyard to his competitive tournament debut, including what he was waiting for and how he knew he was ready. The Ohio native talks about playing in his first tournament alongside Sean Steffy, joining My Name is ERL, and traveling to New Jersey and Pennsylvania this year to compete in Mid Atlantic Wiffle. This episode delivers quality insight into the art of Wiffle Ball pitching and a look into Blake's unique journey into the Wiffle Ball world.

00:00:00 – Blake's journey into competitive Wiffle Ball - discovering the game on YouTube; interacting with players on YouTube; honing his skills in the backyard; scuffed vs. non-scuffed pitching; and how experimenting in bullpen sessions helped him develop as a pitcher.
00:18:00 – Blake's tournament debut playing with Sean Steffy in the Twinsburg World Series; how Connor Young got him to join ERL; his MAW debut at February's Winter Classic; and his ups and downs this year in Mid Atlantic.
00:35:45 – Blake self-assesses his current biggest weakness; how he feels being a top lefty pitcher in a scene where that is rare; who he enjoys watching pitch the most.

Tournaments & Organizations: MAW, Twinsburg, Winter Classic

Teams: My Name is ERL

People: Blake Hoffman, Sean Steffy, Connor Young, Jordan Robles