Shi Wiffleball Park

Shi Wiffleball Park - a two-field Wiffle® complex located in York, Pennsylvania - is the exclusive home to Mid Atlantic Wiffleball tournaments. The two fields - Sheff Field and Horn Field - share the same forested backdrop while maintaining their own unique identities.


Sheff Field

Built in 2016, Sheff Field sits just in front of a row of tall trees beyond the outfield fence. The forested area not only makes for an excellent batter's eye, but also a great backdrop for homeruns. Left field is 87 feet, left center is 100 feet, dead center is 105 feet - all with four foot high fences.  Right field is a lefties' dream - just 75 feet but with a 10 foot fence that goes down 2 feet feet in each section of the power alley.  

Horn Field.jpg

Horn Field

Horn Field sits below Sheff with trees overlooking the left field fence and Sheff sitting behind the right field wall. The field plays pitcher-friendly to neutral with the right and left field fences 93 and 90 feet down the lines, respectively. With alleys measured at 100 feet from home plate and straight away center 113 feet away, pitchers can limit the damage on this field by keeping the ball to the big part of the park.