2017 Schedule.png

Past Tournament Results & List of Teams for Future Tournaments

Location: Hess Farm Road in York, Pennsylvania

First Pitch: 9 am

Email Tim Cooke (timcooke1982@gmail.com) with any additional questions.

$100 entry fee per team (use application below).

General tournament format is round robin (every team is guaranteed three games) followed by a playoff round. Please refer to the PDF below the registration form for additional details on the potential tournament formats.

* The application might not appear correctly on mobile devices. We recommend filing out the form using a desktop browser.

Top 2 teams play in a 6 inning regulation championship game

4 teams = $400
Payout is:
    First Place: $200
Playoff pot is $160

8 teams = $800
Payout is $400
    First Place: $320
    Second Place: $80
Playoff pot is $320

Teams must declare their "playoff" team before the start of the first tournament they participate in. After that tournament, if a player(s) wants to participate in another event with another team, that second team will *NOT* be eligible for the playoff points but would be eligible to win the prize money for the tournament they are playing in.

For any additional questions, please contact Tim Cooke at timcooke1982@gmail.com or 301-661-7980