2017 Regular Season Award Winners


The regular season awards were voted upon by four MAW participants who attended every tournament in the 2017 season.  Each voter cast 3 votes per award category and ranked their choices 1 -3.  Points were then given to the players (1st place = 3 pts, 2nd place = 2 pts, and 3rd place vote = 1 pt).  In case of a tie, the tie was broken by most 1st place votes and if still tied, most 2nd place votes.

Mike Palinczar MVP Award

This Award is named after Mike Palinczar, an icon in the sport on and off the field and captain of the only 3-time fast pitch national champions, Team Trenton.  Czar - as he is known - was one of the most feared hitters in the entire country throughout the entire decade of the 1990's.  He also was one of the best pitchers in the game during his early years, baffling hitters with extraordinary control.  Palinczar is a Four Time National Champion and without a doubt one of the best all around players to ever play the game. 

Award Criteria: Best Overall Player in Mid Atlantic during the regular season.  All facets of the game should be considered including (but not limited to) hitting, pitching, defense, championships, championship game performance, and other intangibles.

2017 WINNER: Connor Young – My Name is ERL

Connor Young is the 2017 Mike “Wiffleczar” Palinczar MVP Award Winner.  There was a three-way tie for this hotly contest award but Connor walks away with the hardware via the most first place votes.  Connor was brilliant all season leading his ERL club in every statistical category while also being the emotional leader of the squad.  Connor batted a stellar .395 and ripped 15 Doubles (nearly twice as many Hill’s 8 which ranked second).  Connor also led the league in triples with 4 and tied for second in Home Runs with 6.  While deadly with the bat, Young Soup is most feared for his dominant arm.  Soup led the league in strike outs, innings pitched, and wins.  Young led ERL to a Championship in their first tournament in June, a 2nd place finish in August, and a final 4 finish in September.  ERL's victory at the June tournament best exemplifies Connor's high level of play on both sides of the ball. In that tournament, he pitched a shutout in the championship game and his solo home run was the difference. A truly spectacular regular season!

Runner Up: Dan Potter – York Yaks

Dan Potter finishes as runner-up for the MVP by receiving more second place votes to break a three-way tie.  Potter was magnificent with the bat all season and also led the league with a .590 OBP.  Potter proved serviceable on the flat hill posting four wins. Just as importantly, Potter ate innings for the Yaks which allowed them to keep their other pitchers fresh.  Dan Potter flashed brilliant hands and made some of the most spectacular fielding plays throughout the year, and was without a doubt the best fielder in the league.

Third: Jarod Bull – York Yaks

Jarod Bull pitched brilliantly for the Yaks leading the team to back-to-back tournament championships and a second place finish in another.  Bull, mostly revered for his pitching, also showed a solid bat and belted a triple that knocked off a talented Way Too Beautiful squad in the semi finals of tournament #3.  Bull finishes third in the MVP race due to tie-breakers.

Others Receiving Votes:

Nick Schaefer – Stompers

Billy Owens Pitching Award

This award is named after Bill Owens, one of the pioneers of the fast pitch game.  On the field, Owens was known for his rubber arm, logging over 20 innings of work nearly every weekend while flying all over the country to play.  Owens had uncanny control of his many pitches including Mary Lou (the drop), riser, screwball, cutter, change up, and his famous 3-pitch.  Owens pitched on three different national championship teams during the late 90's and 2000's. His longevity on the rubber - a dozen years of high performance on a national level - are nearly unmatched.

Award Criteria: The Pitcher who had the best regular season.  Criteria can include (but not limited to) run prevention, underlying stats (walks, K’s, etc.), innings pitched, and key victories.

Winner: Connor Young – My Name is ERL

Connor Young is the 2017 Billy “The Kid” Owens Pitching Award Winner.  Connor was dominant all season long and while he only played in 3 of the 5 tournaments, he nearly doubled the next closest pitcher with over 60 IP.  Young recorded every single out for his squad, a truly remarkable feat that Billy Owens would certainly tip his cap to.  Young led the league in victories (11), Strike Outs (164), and Complete Games (14).  Young averaged 10.81 K/4 IP and held opponents to a lowly .159 batting average.  Young led ERL to a Championship in their first tournament attended (Tourney #2), a runner-up in Tourney #4, and a final 4 in Tourney #5.  Young’s great control, variety of pitches, and mix of arm angles made him the most challenging pitcher to face during the MAW Regular Season and he should be a force to recon with for years to come.

Runner-Up: Jarod Bull – York Yaks

Jarod Bull comes in as the runner-up mostly due to his dominant pitching performances in the elimination rounds of the final three tournaments.  Bull pitched the Yaks to back-to-back championships and a runner up in the final tournament.  Bull did not allow a HR all year, logged 33 innings, and held batters to a cool .126 Batting Average.

Third: Nick Schaefer – Stompers

Nick “Hollywood” Schaefer was his normal self and finishes third in the voting for the pitching award.  Schaefer was dominant as hes proven for so many years and hasn't slowed down much at all since leading the Stompers to a 3rd place finish at the 2003 Fast Plastic National Championship.  Schaefer only attended two tournaments but led the Stompers to a title in one and second place finish in the other. The Stompers' successes in both of those tournaments were fueled by the vet’s arm and grit.  Schaefer pitched to a 0.64 ERA over 25 innings of work and finished the regular season with an outstanding 4-1 record (the only loss coming via extra innings in the championship game).

Jerome “The Legend” Coyle Hitting Award

This award is named after Jerome “The Legend” Coyle, who is one of the most influential people in the game in addition to being one of its most colorful characters.  Coyle was the captain of the legendary Lakeside Kings and founder of J.T.L. Bat Company.  Ledge used his aluminum bats to rake the competition.  Always surrounded by stud arms, it was Coyle who would provide the big hits for the Kings.  A switch hitter with a great eye and quick King Stick, Coyle remained a above average hitter later into his career.  The Legend is a one time national champion and an unrelenting competitor (you can almost hear his banter right now…).

Award Criteria: Best Hitter during the Regular Season.  Criteria can include (but is not limited to) Batting Average, ability to reach base, power hitting, clutch hitting, consistency, and championship game performance.

WInner: Dan Potter – York Yaks

Dan Potter is the 2017 Jerome “The Legend” Coyle Hitting Award Winner.  No one was more consistent throughout the season at the plate than Potter.  The veteran hitter had more hits - and more big hits - off of the top tier pitchers in the Mid Atlantic than any other player.  While he only blasted two HR’s - not a true reflection on his power - those also came off of top arms Young and Stant.  Those two home runs were also among the hardest hit balls of the season. Potter led the league in on-base percentage at .590 and batted at an outstanding .415.  Potter also added 4 doubles and 2 triples to his numbers which are quite respectable considering he hits from the right side and doesn’t get the lefty advantage of pull hitting on Sheff Field.  Potter was a unanimous selection for Best Hitter and was without a doubt the toughest out on opposing pitchers.  While he doesn't share Coyle's boisterous nature, Potter is nonetheless much deserving of this award!

Runner-Up: Jerry Hill – Barrel Bruisers

Jerry Hill finishes in second place for the 2017 Hitting Award.  Hill was an extremely powerful bat and led the league in Home Runs with 8 Total.  He hit a record setting 4 Home Runs in one game!  Hill batted .393 on the season and wasn’t just a free swinger as his on base percentage was second in the league at .586.  Hill also ripped 8 Doubles and 2 Triples and averaged 5.1% HR/PA and 7.5% HR/AB.  The lefty stick has the muscles to do it and the eye-hand coordination too!

Third: Nick Shirey– York Yaks

Nick Shirey quietly had an excellent year at the plate contributing some big hits along the way.  Shirey finished tied for second with 6 Home Runs and averaged 5.1% HR/PA and 7.5% HR/AB.  Shirey hit .362 with a .536 OBP and added 7 doubles along the way.

Others Receiving Votes:

Ben Stant – Way Too Beautiful, Barrel Bruisers

Tim Cooke – Stompers

Connor Young – My Name is ERL

Joe “Mariano” Nord ROOKIE of the YEAR AWARD

This Award is named after Joe “Mariano” Nord who is regarded as one of the greatest wiffleball players of all-time.  In 2003, Nord burst onto the scene at the Wiffle Up! Winter In-Door tournament in North Branford, Connecticut.  His first ever game was against the York Yaks of MAW.  He dominated the Yaks that day and everyone else, winning the tournament for In The Box while throwing every game and not allowing a run.  This magnificent rookie season continued with dominance in Fast Plastic that culminated with a final 4 at the Fast Plastic National Championship in Texas.  Nord is regarded by quite a few as the best wiffleball player of all time.  Over the years the accolades continued to pile up for the kid and being mentioned in the same breath with him is quite the accomplishment!

Award Criteria: For MAW award purposes, “rookie” is defined as any player who did not have any major competitive Wiffleball experience prior to playing in MAW in 2017.  Players that competed in Fast Plastic/USPPBA, GSWL, Palisades, NWLA leagues, Major Tournaments, ect. prior to 2017 are excluded.  Additionally, otherwise rookie eligible players who played on a team that did not reach a final four in any tournament this year retain their eligibility for 2018 (even if that player received a vote in 2017).

Winner: Jarod Bull – York Yaks

Jarod Bull is the 2017 Joe “Mariano” Nord Rookie of the Year Award Winner.  Bull had a stellar first season in competitive fast pitch Wiffleball.  He was the #1 seeded York Yaks “Ace” and go-to pitcher.  He had a 2-1 record in championship games and a 2-0 record in Semi-Final Games.  Bull wins this award via unanimous selection mostly due to his arm but his bat has improved tremendously throughout the course of the season.  Expect big things out of the tall righty in the future years of MAW.

Runner-Up: Ryan Doeppel – Barrel Bruisers

Ryan Doeppel finishes as runner up for the ROY Award.  Doeppel was the ace pitcher of the Barrel Bruisers before calling it a season after the July tournament.  Doeppel possesses a nasty slider/cutter that reminds one of the deadly Ryan Wood slider/cutter.  Doeppel has had incredible control and forced the opposing teams to beat him with their bats.  Doeppel boasted a 0.51 ERA over 23.1 innings of work and held opponents to a measly 0.134 Batting Average.  MAW hopes to see this stud again as his bat was equally as dangerous!

Third: Jerry Hill – Barrel Bruisers

Jerry Hill, Barrel Bruisers Captain, brought his squad of athletes to MAW not knowing what to expect but with every intent of competing.  Jerry led his squad into this challenge with great success as this all-rookie finished in the Final 4 of EVERY Tournament!  The Bruisers, led by Hill, were the only team to make the final 4 in every event.  Hill - known for his great bat was also serviceable on the flat hill - ate up many innings to save the Bruisers ace pitchers throughout the day.  Hill recorded 5 Wins and 7 Complete Games which tied him for second in complete games.  With Jerry at the helm the Bruisers are poised to be back in 2018 re-tooled and better than ever!

Others Receiving Votes:

Trevor Neff – Bacchus is My Bro (eligible for 2018)

Cameron Long – InHumans (eligible for 2018)

Mark “The Bopper” DeMasi: HOME RUN CHAMPION

This Award is named after Mark “The Bopper” DeMasi who is regarded as one of the best wiffleball hitters of all-time.  Bopper, as many know him, was not only big in stature but blasted some of the biggest shots you’ve ever seen.  "Mush Ball" or not - it didn’t matter to The Bopper.  DeMasi swung with an aggression that was unmatched and could take any pitcher's best pitch yard at any time, a thing of true beauty.  DeMasi is also a National Champion with the Longshotz and his extreme power helped propel his team to the title.  You’ve gotta score to win the game and The Bopper could get it done with the best of them.

Award Criteria: Most Home Runs hit during the Regular Season.

Winner: Jerry Hill – Barrel Bruisers – 8 Home Runs

-Includes 4 Home Run Game and a 2 Home Run Game

-HR/PA = 5.1%

-HR/AB = 7.5%

Runner Up: Nick Shirey – York Yaks – 6 Home Runs

-Only player to hit a Home Run in all 5 Tournaments

-HR/PA = 5.5%

-HR/AB = 7.5%

Runner up: Connor Young – My Name is ERL – 6 Home Runs

-Multiple Game Winning Home Runs

-HR/PA = 4.5%

-HR/AB = 5.0%