2018 Rule Book & Championship Tournament Format

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On March 2nd, Mid Atlantic Wiffle released its revised Rulebook for the 2018 regular season. The game rules remain largely unchanged from the 2017 season. Please take note of the following adjustments:

  • Due to lack of use of the non-scuffed pitching mound, Rule I-4 has been modified to allow for a single pitching distance in 2018.
  • Rule II-4, which addressed accepted methods of preparing a game ball, has been broadened slightly to allow for balls to be cut as long as the ball still meets the other requirements specified within the rulebook.
  • Rule III-1 limits the number of players per team to six (down from seven). In addition, Appendix C ("Playoff Eligibility") now requires a player to play in at least two regular season tournaments for his playoff eligible team to be allowed to participate in the Championship Tournament (a team that wins the auto qualifier or otherwise qualifies for the Championship Tournament by playing in only one regular season tournament is exempt).
  • Rule VII-2 modifies the base running movement for a double. For 2018, a double clears the bases only when there are two outs. With fewer than two outs, each base runner advances two bases. This is to better align the movement of the runners with typical baseball situations.

In addition, the 2018 Rulebook has been streamlined for readability. Several appendixes have been added to provide further detail as necessary. Please pay special attention to Appendix A, which details the movement of the baserunners in every possible on base scenario. While the general baserunner movements remain the same from 2017, this section is intended to add clarity so that all baserunner situations are more clearly defined. The intent is for the base running movements to correspond with baseball. Appendix A will be available at each field during every regular season tournament and can be referenced by teams during a game as needed.


The Championship Tournament qualification criteria can be found here.

For 2018, the field expands to six teams and there are two new ways (Auto Qualifier and Auto Births) which teams can use to reach the playoffs in addition to accumulating Playoff Points. This system will allow for a greater number of teams to compete for a playoff spot. The point system has been slightly modified for this season so that points awarded to teams in the top four remains consistent regardless of the number of teams entered because a six team tournament can be as or more competitive than an eight or ten team tournament.