The Scout #1: Jordan Robles

Throughout the 2017-2018 offseason, The Drop will be profiling and scouting the top players under 25 in the game.


Jordan Robles - RHP
Robles is in the top 5 discussion for best all-around player in the country, so it's not surprising that he is on this list.  He can literally do it all.  

He's a great command pitcher who excels in 4-2, 4-3, and 5-3 pitch leagues.  A strike thrower, Robles locates his pitches to all four quadrants of the strike zone, which balances out his lack of a third pitch.  He had a 0.83 BB/5 innings in the Palisades WBL this season, the lowest among the top 25 pitchers with at least 23 innings thrown last season.  His motion is clean and easily repeatable. Rumor has it that he is working on improving his non-scuffed slider for the 2018 season.

At the plate, Robles checks all the prerequisite boxes of an exceptional hitter.  His ability to get on base (.227/.399/.487) adds value to his already above average power – 8 home runs in 2017 PWL season to go with an additional 5 in his first MAW stint with the Stompers – which I expect will continue to increase as he gets into his prime.  He has a short, compact swing and is not afraid to go the other way with the pitch even if it means choking up and shortening his already compact swing down even further.  

In the field, he is a plus defender with excellent instincts.  His first step on fly balls is the best in the game today and he would most likely light up StatCast when someone is able to develop it for Wiffle.  He has above average reaction skills along with his great arm, makes him extremely adaptable.  He can easily cover shortstop, second base, or the outfield depending on the teams need.  

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